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Sergio Alfaro Salas

Solís’ approval rating at record low

The latest approval rating for Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solís is the lowest of any Costa Rican president in 38 years, according to CID Gallup.

Costa Rica postpones fiscal reform talks until next year

Costa Rica's Legislative Assembly will not discuss any bills to create or increase taxes for the rest of the year, Presidency Minister Sergio Alfaro Salas announced Monday evening, following a meeting with lawmakers from several parties.

Costa Rica will not block Uber, says presidency minister

Presidency Minister Sergio Alfaro told reporters during a press conference Tuesday that blocking Uber is not a viable solution to the controversy. “This administration is not against technological advancement,” Alfaro told reporters.

President Luis Guillermo Solís appoints new Presidency Minister

Sergio Alfaro leaves his post as executive president of the National Insurance Institute (INS) to take the job, replacing Melvin Jiménez Marín, who submitted his resignation on Thursday at president Solís’ request. Alfaro is a lawyer and former legislator for the ruling Citizen Action Party from 2007 to 2010.

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