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In New Hampshire, Clinton pledges to stand up to the gun lobby

Insisting that "our country is better than this," an emotional Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that the U.S. must get serious about gun control and be willing to take on the entrenched politics surrounding guns.

Investigators piece together motive in mass Oregon shooting

ROSEBERG, Oregon – Investigators on Saturday pieced together evidence on why a student at a college in Oregon went on a rampage that left nine people dead before committing suicide as police cornered him.

Gunman at Oregon college appeared armed for an extended siege

The gunman who cut a deadly path through an Oregon college campus appeared armed for an extended siege according to investigators who were probing more deeply into suspicions the shooter may have been driven by religious rage and a fascination with the twisted notoriety of high-profile killers.

Oregon school shooting: ‘He just tried to do the right thing,’ one victim’s family says

Thursday was a very special day for Chris Mintz: Oct. 1 was his son's sixth birthday. Though the child was too young to see it, the proud dad posted a happy birthday message on Facebook anyway on Wednesday night.

Multiple fatalities reported after mass school shooting in Oregon

At least 10 people initially were reported killed and more than 20 wounded on Thursday in a shooting at a community college in the U.S. state of Oregon. The 20-year-old suspected gunman also was killed, a local sheriff said.

Another day, another incomprehensible massacre

A 2014 FBI study of 160 active shooter events since 2000 showed a staggered increase over time, with the four most violent years occurring in the last five years of the survey. Some question the study, but if this is a real trend and not a fluke — a spike that will be followed by a drop in such incidents — then it is one not easily explained.

2 dead, 3 critical in US school shooting

LOS ANGELES – A student opened fire at a U.S. school Friday, killing another student and injuring several others before taking his own life, police and reports said.

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