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Same sex marriage

Protest in Guatemala against anti-abortion law and law banning LGBTI education

Hundreds of demonstrators protested Saturday in Guatemala's capital to reject a law approved by the ruling Congress that stiffens penalties for abortion, closes the...

Guatemala Congress ramps up prison sentence for abortion, bans gay marriage

Guatemala's conservative-led Congress approved on Tuesday a law ramping up the prison sentence for women who choose to have an abortion, while banning both...

Same-sex marriage now legal in 30 countries

In Latin America six countries allow same-sex marriages: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

Former Costa Rican presidents and political figures come out in support of same-sex marriage

Four former presidents, former Supreme Court justices, and other political figures signed a declaration against discrimination and in favor of same-sex marriage in Costa Rica this Friday.

Same-sex marriage issue shifts presidential elections in Costa Rica

How a court ruling changed the course of an election - at least for now.

Gay marriage postponed in Costa Rica due to legal impediment

A Venezuelan-Costa Rican couple has postponed what would have been the first gay wedding in Costa Rica following a pronouncement from the Inter-American Court...

Gay wedding planned in Costa Rica following court ruling for marriage equality

The wedding is scheduled for Saturday - but will the Civil Registry accept the union?

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