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Costa Rica sentences four members of Mexican jewelry thief gang ‘Los Mazos’ to prison

The four gang members were arrested days after the band made two almost simultaneous robberies on Oct. 31, 2017 to watch shops in Escazú.

Locals in Manuel Antonio prevent robbery of U.S. tourist with citizen’s arrest

An attempted robbery on a U.S. tourist ended with townspeople of Manuel Antonio, Quepos surrounding the would-be thieves in a citizen's arrest.

Costa Ricans report increasing safety concerns; 2016 is set to become most violent year on record

The Judicial Investigation Police this week reported they have recorded 555 murders this year, just two less than the total number of homicides recorded in 2015. Crime figures last year prompted OIJ to declare 2015 as Costa Rica's most violent year in record.

Prosecutors don’t play when it comes to robbery with toy guns

A garden hose nozzle is admittedly an outlier when it comes to weapons in aggravated robbery, but the capital’s criminals are increasingly turning to toy guns — or anything short of an actual firearm — when they want to rob someone. The guns might be fake but that doesn’t meant that the sentences are any less.

Santa Teresa: Women sexually assaulted at river crossing

Four French tourists were robbed and sexually assaulted by armed men wearing masks north of Santa Teresa last week when they stopped at a river to see if it was safe to drive across, police and area residents said.

Police interrupt drug stickup, seize over 500 kg of cocaine

It probably should have been a red flag for the drug trafficker that when two police officers tried to arrest him they were driving a Honda Civic.

Police arrest man mugging a woman with a plastic gun

According to the Judicial Investigation Police, 30 percent of armed robberies in Costa Rica are committed with toy or replica guns.

US couple the latest victims in flat-tire scam that targets tourists

During a late June visit to Costa Rica, a pair of U.S. tourists fell victim to an ongoing scam where thieves targets tourists by flattening the tires of their rental cars and then offering to "help."

Brazilian Police release Tico accused of allegedly paying a minor for sex

Olger Ulate Ulate, 55, a Costa Rican man arrested in Brazil last week for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old transvestite prostitute, was released with preventive measures the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry confirmed. Brazilian police did not say when Ulate was released.

Cops in Limón nab alleged suspect in mugging of British tourists

Officers of Costa Rica’s National Police in the Caribbean region of Talamanca on Monday arrested a man suspected of robbing two British women.

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