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Short term vs. Long term Renting in Costa Rica

You are surfing around on the web, looking for a rental in Costa Rica, but you have no idea what the rules are, how...

Costa Rica rental homes: Escape cabin fever during the coronavirus crisis

Are you feeling trapped at home curing the coronavirus crisis? Here are luxury getaways in Costa Rica.

Would-be drivers for Uber in Costa Rica can now rent their rides

Renting is just the latest connected business here in a growing stable of affiliated services for the transportation app.

Costa Rican lawmakers move forward with bill to lower cap on rent hikes

If approved by the full Assembly, yearly rent increases would be capped at 10 percent, down from the current 15 percent.

Top 10 tips for improving rental income in Costa Rica

If you own a property in Costa Rica, there is a good chance that you rent it out as a vacation rental. Everyone wants to maximize rental income, so here are 10 tips to improve rental income.

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