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Drop in remittances affecting economies of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

Some 2.5 million Salvadorans, 2.7 million Guatemalans and one million Hondurans live in the United States and send remittances to their families every month.

Deadly Tropical Storm Amanda hits El Salvador, Guatemala

Nearly 90 percent of El Salvador's 6.6 million people are considered vulnerable to flooding and landslides due to its geography.

Central America agrees to regional plan vs. coronavirus; Costa Rican film festival suspended

Central American leaders agreed Thursday to formulate a regional contingency plan to deal with the new coronavirus pandemic.

Presidents discuss reforming or closing the Central American Parliament

The regional body has been severely questioned by various sectors that describe it as a refuge for corrupt politicians.

Regional flying just got easier

Copa Airlines has unveiled its new frequent-flyer program ConnectMiles, which will begin in May. Copa Airlines flies to 73 destinations in 30 countries, and...

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