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Raúl Castro

China’s Xi in Cuba on last stop of Latin America swing

HAVANA, Cuba – Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Cuba late Monday, officials said, the last stop on a Latin American tour that has stressed trade and aid more than ideology.

Cuba embargo under pressure as Obama urged to pull down barriers

A political consensus against trade with communist Cuba that has prevailed in Washington for half a century is showing signs of cracking.

EU, Cuba in talks years after human rights row

The Americas' only one-party, communist-ruled state is the lone country in Latin America that has no political dialogue with the EU. It was suspended in 2003 after Havana rounded up and jailed 75 dissidents.

Cuba passes law to lure foreign investment

Economists say that to achieve the government's goal of six to eight percent GDP growth, investments in the economy will have to increase by 25 to 35 percent a year, many times more than the 4.4 percent in 2013.

Latin American summit opens in Cuba with attack on US spying

HAVANA, Cuba – Cuban President Raúl Castro Tuesday railed against U.S. spying as he opened a summit of Latin American and Caribbean leaders, a group set up by Venezuela's late anti-Western leader Hugo Chávez to counter U.S. influence.

In Latin America, right in retreat as left wins more elections

More than two decades after the Cold War, during which the United States backed anti-communist military rulers and pushed free-market policies in Latin America, conservative governments have virtually disappeared from the region.

Cuba sees ‘major role’ for foreign investment

Cuba plans to open its economy to greater foreign investment under a new law to be taken up soon by its legislature, a report in state-run media said Saturday.

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