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Iron Man lives again!

A semi-truck carries an enormous vehicles nicknamed the "Iron Man" on the highway toward San José during a light rain Thursday. The Iron Man...

Are these rally images ALSO photoshopped?

After Johnny Araya’s Facebook page posted a seemingly doctored photo of a huge rally for the presidential candidate, opponents didn't waste any time before retaliating. Using much better Photoshop skills then they accuse Araya's campaign team of using, quick-witted Costa Ricans created their own versions of what happened at the rally. Mickey Mouse, Justin Bieber and Pope Francis all were there.

Did Johnny Araya’s campaign drum up support… with Photoshop?

Just two weeks before the presidential elections National Liberation Party candidate Johnny Araya's campaign is in full swing, stopping Tuesday night for a rally in the provincial capital of Liberia, in Guanacaste. But a photo of the rally posted Tuesday night on Araya's Facebook page set off a firestorm on social media, with critics alleging the photo is a fraud.

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