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Public roads

Costa Rica’s road network will take 9 years to be restored

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation estimated that it would take nine years to fix and recover Costa Rica's road network. Luis Amador, Minister...

The Costa Rica rainy season could collapse roads

Costa Rica’s rainy season, starting in June, "will be more intense than normal" according to forecasts by the National Meteorological Institute (IMN). The Institute...

Seven detained after confrontation between police, protesters near UCR turns violent

In at least one instance, demonstrators splashed gasoline on a police officer and tried to light it on fire. 

Only half of Costa Rica’s roadway network is in good condition, study finds

The figure of roads in good condition rose from 38 to 48 percent of the total. However, the number of miles in poor condition increased by 71 percent.

President Solís pledges to repair road to Monteverde by next year

The 17.5-kilometer stretch of Route 606 between Guacimal and Santa Elena, Monteverde is slated for completion in September 2018.

Repairs to sewers will close roads in downtown San José

Repair projects in the capital's sewers will begin Monday and will extend for five months, the AyA reported.

President Solís demands explanation for spike in traffic jams

President Luis Guillermo Solís is asking the legislature to let him hire more than 1,000 new traffic officers, among other measures the government is pursuing in hopes of alleviating traffic.

Sinkhole swallows stretch of street in San José

The latest sinkhole to appear this year was a 6-meter wide, 11-meter deep sinkhole that opened up over the weekend on the street near the Transportes Costarricenses Panameños bus station in Plaza Víquez. City workers started repairing the gaping hole that opened between Avenue 20 and 5th Street on Tuesday.

Streetside billboards in San José set for removal

Advertising spaces along streets and at bus shelters around Costa Rica's capital have gone blank and will be removed. Some are illegal; others must be scrapped, city authorities say, because the contract governing them doesn't say who owns them now that the contract is up.

Tamarindo-Langosta road in Guanacaste to be paved, municipality says

The gravel road currently has a large number of potholes and becomes very difficult to drive during the rainy season, affecting tourism, local business owners say.

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