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Prosecutor's Office

False Covid tests used to scam tourists in Costa Rica: report

The Costa Rican Hotel Chamber warned that criminal groups are scamming tourists by offering them fake Covid-19 tests and results.

Costa Rica has detained 400 people for fake Covid tests

Costa Rican authorities have apprehended 400 passengers on suspicion that they presented falsified coronavirus test results when trying to leave the country, according to the Public Security Ministry (MSP).

Costa Rica swears in its first woman Chief Prosecutor

Navas, 53, has led the Prosecutor's Office as an interim since October 2017, when her predecessor, Jorge Chavarría, was suspended in relation to the unfolding investigation of alleged corruption.

The real reason the ‘cementazo’ is so scary for Costa Rica – and so important

Our Judicial Branch is like a soccer goalie: the player the team can’t do without, and the player who can’t fail.

Police arrest two key figures in Chinese cement case

The statement from the Judicial Branch announcing the arrest also indicated that former Banco de Costa Rica manager Mario Barrenechea was arrested at his home in Santa Ana.

Six suspects arrested for fraud scheme that caused millions in losses

Prosecutors say those arrested are part of a criminal network that manipulated board member elections in favor of people who facilitated loans to certain cooperatives.

Prosecutor’s Office to charge 26 people for failed border road project

Costa Rica’s General Prosecutor Jorge Chavarría Guzmán said shoddy work on the failed project caused economic losses for the country of some ₡1.2 billion ($2 million).

Costa Rica court finds US expat Ann Patton not guilty in third murder trial

On Monday morning, a three-judge panel in Pérez Zeledón acquitted U.S. citizen Ann Patton of charges of murdering her husband, wealthy financier John Bender, in 2010.

US expat Ann Patton faces third murder trial in Costa Rica 

Five years and now on her third trial for murder, Patton has never wavered in proclaiming her innocence. She said that this trial would finally be the one to absolve her of any wrongdoing.

Alleged organ traffickers in Costa Rica could soon face trial

The prosecutor will ask the Criminal Court of San José to set a trial date for a 2013 organ trafficking case that allegedly spanned from Tel Aviv to Cartago as Costa Ricans were paid upwards of $20,000 each to sell their kidneys to Israeli buyers.

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