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Our new Print Edition is here! Here’s where to find it

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What to do in Costa Rica: concerts, culture and love around the country

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, it’s time to celebrate love in all of its expressions, as well as Costa Rica’s sunniest season, with...

Our Costa Rica insiders reveal their favorite hidden gems

What's your favorite underrated or hidden gem in Costa Rica? Our panelists share theirs.

What to do during the high season: a few of our favorite summer events

There is never more to do and see in Costa Rica than during these summer months. Here's a partial guide.

Download our High Season Print Edition here

For readers outside Costa RIca or far from our points of distribution, here's the digital version of our special edition.

Our Print Edition is here! Here’s where to find it

We’re so grateful to the freelances, sponsors and advertisers who have joined us in this new phase of The Tico Times’ 61-year life.

How a cowboy saved me $30,000 in Costa Rica

One of our columnists remembers a key moment from one of his first visits to Costa Rica.

A day in the life of a beach crusader in Costa Rica

Life at the beach is pure magic – especially when you've found a cause you're passionate about.

4 life lessons best learned by living abroad

Experiencing the intricacies of culture shock over a period of years definitely helped me figure a few things out. The thing is: it’s not really one shock. It's more like waves.

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