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Chile court orders Pablo Neruda’s remains returned to his tomb

SANTIAGO, Chile – A Chilean court on Wednesday ordered poet Pablo Neruda's remains be returned to his tomb, three years after they were exhumed to determine whether the Nobel laureate was assassinated.

Gioconda Belli: Let’s get back to focusing on happiness

Renowned Nicaraguan novelist and poet Gioconda Belli sat down with The Tico Times to discuss her latest novel, politics, and what it's like to go home.

Poet Luis Chaves wins coveted German artist residency

For the past two decades, Chaves’ career has grown exponentially. Now he is the first Costa Rican to be accepted to the Berliner Künstlerprogramm.

Poet Julieta Dobles Yzaguirre wins Magón Award

You could say that the Magón National Prize for Culture is kind of like the Pulitzer of Costa Rica. It's a national honor given to an exceptional artist or intellectual, and it celebrates an entire lifetime of cultural contributions. Described by the Culture Ministry as “the highest recognition awarded by the nation of Costa Rica,” this year’s Magón Prize went to 70-year-old poet Julieta Dobles Yzaguirre.

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