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Less-than-impressive: It’s been a year of few achievements by Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly

In one year, a fragmented Legislative Assembly formed by lawmakers from nine parties passed only 47 bills – of which only a few were of substance.

Ex-presidential candidate Johnny Araya officially banned from political activity for four years

The ban means former presidential candidate Johnny Araya can't run for mayor of San José next year. He also can't continue to serve as an adviser to his party's 18 lawmakers in the Legislative Assembly.

National Liberation Party bans former presidential candidate and ex-mayor Johnny Araya from running for office for 4 years

A National Liberation Party ethics committee on Tuesday night ordered former Costa Rican presidential candidate Johnny Araya Monge to refrain from participating in any political activities for a period of four years, as a result of his decision to drop out of the presidential race on March 5.

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