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Cuba’s Raúl Castro on grand bridge-building France trip

Cuba's Communist President Raúl Castro will be welcomed under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris during a rare state visit Monday to showcase his island's warming ties with big world powers.

5 questions for Costa Rican actress Marian Li

The Tico Times talks to Costa Rican actress, singer, and dancer Marian Li.

What Paris climate talks have accomplished

As important as a global accord is, the most influential actors on climate change have been cities and businesses, and leaders in both groups made it clear that they will not wait for an agreement that, if it comes together, won't even take full effect until 2020.

Account of how French train attacker was overpowered by US servicemen and British man

"I saw a guy entering the train with an AK [Kalashnikov rifle] and a handgun and I just looked over at Spencer and said 'Let's go, go'," said off-duty U.S. serviceman Alek Skarlatos.

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