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Nicaragua canal

US travel alert for Nicaragua comes amid string of detentions, upcoming elections

At least nine foreigners were deported from Nicaragua in June, including three U.S. officials and a Costa Rican environmental activist.

UPDATE: Nicaragua deports detained Costa Rican activist

Environmental and indigenous activists claim Costa Rican Byron Reyes Ortiz and five other detained foreigners were holding a workshop on building efficient wood-burning stoves.

Nicaragua expels three US officials: State Dept

One U.S. official expelled was reportedly on assignment to research a transoceanic canal that a Chinese company plans to build to rival the one in Panama.

Nicaragua canal threatens jaguars, other endangered species, study finds

The planned trans-oceanic canal in Nicaragua could spell disaster for jaguars and other large mammals, according to a new study.

Nicaragua drops $80 million on Russian tanks

The $80 million T-72B tanks are a significant purchase for the hemisphere’s second poorest country, which spent $71.6 million total on its military in 2015, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Lawmakers dismiss attempt to block Nicaragua Canal

Nicaragua's Congress has scuppered a bill backed by thousands of people hoping to block a cross-country canal project, saying the legislature does not have the authority to weigh the issue.

Nicaraguan indigenous, Afro-Caribbeans sue government over pressure for inter-oceanic canal

Rama-Kriol leaders say they were coerced into consenting for the planned $50-billion Nicaragua Canal project to pass through their territory.

Indigenous and Afro-Caribbeans claim they were forced to negotiate over Nicaragua Canal

Leaders in the Rama and Kriol communities in eastern Nicaragua say they were coerced into signing a document by government officials and police.

A year after work starts, little sign of Nicaragua canal

One year after a Chinese consortium began work on a canal across Nicaragua, there is little sign of progress.

Nicaragua approves environmental, social impact assessments to begin canal construction

The government of Daniel Ortega has approved environmental and social impact studies allowing construction of the Nicaragua Canal to commence in 2016.

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