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Driving in Costa Rica: The rules of the road

As a tourist in Costa Rica, if you have a valid driver’s license, you are legal to drive here during your stay. Nonetheless, this is contingent upon your immigration status. Your ability to use a foreign license only applies within the time period you have been allowed to stay.

Same-sex couples in Costa Rica now have equal access to public health insurance, care

Costa Ricans who have health insurance coverage with the Social Security System, or Caja, can now cover same-sex partners at any public community health clinic (Ebais) or Caja hospital, the agency announced. The reforms also apply to unmarried heterosexual couples who have lived together for at least three years.

Want to start a business in Costa Rica? Getting it done

In my two previous columns we discussed the basics and some of the details of how to start a company in Costa Rica. Now we’re going to take the topic a step further, describing the responsibilities of the shareholders to make the new company a reality.

Insurance Institute begins collecting marchamo payments this week

The National Insurance Institute begins collecting payments today for mandatory vehicle circulation permits, known as marchamos, from an estimated 1.2 million auto owners across the country. The deadline to pay the marchamo is Dec. 31.

No more mandatory email registration for drivers, Constitutional Chamber rules

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, this week ruled unconstitutional several articles of Costa Rica's Traffic Law that obligate motorists to register an email address in order to receive notifications of fines and other information from the Roadway Safety Council.

Want to start a business in Costa Rica? Let’s look at the details

Following last week’s column about the basic requirements to start a company, where we focused on a sociedad anόnima as the most common and practical step, we now will look into the process in more detail.

Want to open a business in Costa Rica? Start with the basics

Starting a business in Costa Rica probably requires establishing a company, just like anywhere else. This isn’t an especially onerous process, but you should understand some of the basic concepts of how the legal system works before you embark on your new venture.

Traffic Police issue 225 fines to motorists for not paying marchamo

Motorcycle owners are the most reluctant to pay, according to a Dec. 30 report.

190,000 motorists fail to pay marchamo on time

Fine for paying late is ₡47,000 ($94).

Deadline to pay marchamo ends at midnight Monday

More than 200,000 motorists have yet to pay.

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