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National Registry

Several institutions suspend operations due to Orange Alert

Several Costa Rican institutions have reduced or suspended operations this week due to the Orange Alert that comprises the Greater Metropolitan Area (among other cantons).

Property registration to go exclusively online next year

Costa Rica’s Federated Association of Engineers and Architects (CFIA) and the National Registry say that starting in January they will accept only digital topographic surveys, maps...

Tax on Costa Rica corporations is unconstitutional, says court

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, on Wednesday evening ruled three articles of the country's Corporate Tax Law unconstitutional, and as a result, collection will be suspended starting next year. The tax must be paid this year, however, by this Saturday's deadline.

Lego wins brand-infringement lawsuit against Costa Rican company

Lego Group, makers of popular plastic toys, won a brand infringement lawsuit against a Costa Rican company that was illegally using Lego's name in the country.

With deadline looming, only 12 percent of Costa Rican businesses have paid corporate tax

The deadline set by the National Registry for 545,000 corporations to pay the Corporate Tax ends next Next Jan. 31.

Only 35 percent of Costa Rican corporations will pay taxes on time

Those failing to pay corporate taxes will be blocked from doing business starting Feb 1.

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