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murdered environmentalist

Latin America most dangerous region for environmentalists in 2015

More than 65 percent of the murders tallied by Global Witness in 2015 occurred in Latin America.

Video of turtle torture highlights common practice in Costa Rica

A video of young men dragging a sea turtle behind a car in Costa Rica went viral Tuesday, eliciting a public outcry that coincided with the close of the trial over the murder of turtle conservationist Jairo Mora.

Verdict in second Jairo Mora trial expected Tuesday

On Tuesday at 2 p.m. a Limón court is expected to decide the fate of seven suspects in the killing of sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora. Mora's parents will get up before the crack of dawn to make the long journey to court, perhaps for the last time.

Murder of Costa Rican conservationist Jairo Mora headed for retrial

A Costa Rican appeals court has called for a retrial in the murder case of sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora. Seven men were acquitted of his murder in January after a severely botched trial.

On anniversary of conservationist Jairo Mora’s murder, Moín Beach turtles have protection

Moín Beach on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast, was the site of the brutal murder of 26-year-old conservationist Jairo Mora, who was killed on May 30, 2013 while protecting sea turtles from poachers. In January, the seven alleged poachers accused of his murder were acquitted.

Costa Rica included in list of most dangerous countries for environmentalists

The “How Many More?” study states that last year two environmentalists were killed each week somewhere in the world.

United Nations, environmental groups condemn verdict in Jairo Mora murder case

The United Nations mission in Costa Rica released a statement Wednesday criticizing the acquittal of seven men accused of the murder of 26-year-old sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora. The U.N. urged the Costa Rican government to rectify the case and convict those responsible for the slaying.

Delays and blunders: A timeline of the Jairo Mora murder trial in Costa Rica

From its outset, the Jairo Mora murder trial – perhaps one of the most globally monitored Costa Rican trials in recent history – was fraught with egregious delays and mistakes. Here is a timeline of the errors and mishaps that – in the judges' own words – left no other choice but a not-guilty verdict for all seven defendants.

NOT GUILTY: 7 men acquitted of murder of Costa Rica sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora

LIMÓN -- After three months of trial marked by continuous delays and setbacks, a Limón court on Monday morning acquitted seven men of the murder of 26-year-old sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora on the night of May 31, 2013, citing reasonable doubt, discarded evidence and an ineffective investigation.

Prosecutors ask for maximum sentences for defendants in Jairo Mora murder trial

The prosecution rested its case Tuesday in the trial of seven men accused of murdering 26-year-old sea turtle conservationist Jairo Mora nearly two years ago on a northeastern Costa Rican beach. A verdict is expected Friday.

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