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UN cancer agency sees a risk in Roundup and other pesticides

PARIS – The U.N.'s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) said Friday that three pesticides, including the popular weedkiller Roundup, were "probably" carcinogenic and two others, which have already been outlawed or restricted, were "possibly" so.

Lawmakers begin discussions on bill that would place a moratorium on GMO crop production in Costa Rica

The bill calls for a moratorium on GMOs “to be maintained across the country until there is certainty and scientific consensus on the risks involved.”

Following court ruling, anti-GMO activists ask for map of transgenic farms

Since genetically modified crops first came to Costa Rica in 1991, the locations of farms have been kept under wraps. But a new ruling from Costa Rica's Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court will now require that type of information to be made public.

Costa Rican court hands GMO opponents a victory by declaring permitting process unconstitutional

In a ruling Thursday lauded by Costa Rica's anti-GMO activists, the country's Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, struck down the government's regulatory framework on genetically modified organisms, declaring the process of approval for GMO projects unconstitutional.

Awaiting a court decision, anti-GMO activists gain symbolic ground

Awaiting a decision on legal reforms from the courts, anti-GMO activists in Costa Rica have taken the fight over transgenic crops to a grassroots level. The latest symbolic victory for those opposed to genetically modified organisms happened on July 25, when President Luis Guillermo Solís signed a decree naming native corn as cultural heritage, a designation managed by the Culture Ministry.

Indian activist Vandana Shiva speaks out against GMOs in Costa Rica

When Indian activist Vandana Shiva began her speech at the University of Costa Rica’s agronomy auditorium Tuesday, you could still hear the drums and claps of hundreds outside waiting to get in.

What you need to know about GMOs in Costa Rica

Many Costa Ricans oppose allowing genetically modified food crops to grow in their country, but a staggering three out of four Ticos say they’re not sure what GMOs are. Here are some answers.

Costa Rica Ombudsman’s Office files complaint against GM corn

The legal action claims genetically modified crops have implications in human life.

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