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Moín Beach

Watch: Hundreds of baby sea turtles released in Limón

More than 300 baby sea turtles were released this month by a conservation group in Moín, Limón. 

Costa Rican police rescue yet another sea turtle from poachers

National Police on patrol with volunteers discovered a green sea turtle tied and on its back on the Caribbean beach of Moín Monday evening. Authorities...

5 more green sea turtles rescued by Costa Rican police in Caribbean 

The turtles, which weighed between 120 and 150 kilograms, were sent to the Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo for care, where two others have since been taken for care. Police have rescued at least seven of the ancient reptiles so far this year from poachers who capture them for their meat as they come ashore to lay their eggs.

Limonenses weigh in on Moín Port expansion and the ongoing dockworkers strike

A Tico Times reporter takes a stroll down Limón's main boulevard and asks local residents what they think about a proposed $1 billion Moín Port expansion project at the center of the ongoing controversy.

Turtles will be unprotected as leatherback nesting season approaches on Moín Beach

In February, endangered leatherback sea turtles will begin nesting on Moín Beach, where conservationist Jairo Mora was killed by poachers last May. Police and government officials have no plans to protect the turtles, and environmentalists are now pushing to designate the area as a national park. But even that would be too late for this year's baby turtles.

Why Jairo died

Documents recently obtained by The Tico Times in the investigation of Jairo Mora’s death help unravel the mystery behind the murder of a young Costa Rican conservationist who once worked peacefully with poachers on the beach he tried to protect.

Murdered Costa Rican conservationist had been chased by AK-47-wielding poachers

Jairo Mora Sandoval's murder on May 30 followed a year of threats to the Moín turtle conservation program.

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