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Honduran Environmentalists Released from Jail for Fighting Against Mining Company

Six environmentalists imprisoned for fighting against a mining company exploiting an iron oxide deposit in a forest reserve in northeastern Honduras, in the so-called...

One American hunts for emeralds in Colombia. But many want to stop him

The Houston-based company, Minería Texas Colombia, known as MTC, is now the only foreign mining company in the treacherous world of Colombia's emerald trade.

Gold mining company that sued Costa Rica files for bankruptcy 

Infinito Gold Ltd. listed more than $160 million in working capital deficit including loan principle and interest, according to a statement from the company published on the CNW press wire. “The Company has concluded that it will not be possible for it to continue operations,” the statement concluded.

Army deployed over Peru mining project violence

Three people have died during weeks of protests against the Tía María copper mine in Peru. Local residents say the project will pollute their water and damage agriculture.

Peru fights gold fever with fire and military force

As many as 40,000 illegal miners — mostly poor, Quechua-speaking laborers from Peru's Andean highlands — have invaded some of the most pristine and biologically rich sections of ancient forest in the Amazon basin. In just a few years, they have laid waste to more than 120,000 acres, leaving behind Amazonian deserts of pestilent orange craters that bleed into the rivers when it rains.

Anti-mine protesters near Guatemala’s capital face down national police, army

SAN JOSÉ DEL GOLFO, Guatemala – An uncomfortable tension filled the air in the village of San José del Golfo, 28 kilometers northeast of Guatemala City, last Thursday. Driving through the streets, pairs of armed Civil National Police (PNC) could be seen standing “guard” at a fried chicken restaurant, in front of the public health center, and near a block of well-kept homes with flower gardens.

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