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Meatless Monday initiative launches in Costa Rica

This week Costa Rica officially joins the global initiative known as “Meatless Monday,” or Lunes sin Carne, which aims to reduce meat consumption and environmental harm.

Costa Rica moves to set prison sentences for animal cruelty

The Legislative Assembly's environmental affairs committee approved the long-awaited Animal Welfare Bill on Thursday. Now it must face a full vote.

Costa Rica ban on Mexican avocados goes to World Trade Organization

Mexican and Costa Rican officials are meeting in Geneva to discuss Costa Rica's ongoing ban on avocados from Mexico and eight other countries because of the “sunblotch” virus. If Mexico is not satisfied with the criteria discussed at the WTO's Phytosanitary Committee, the dispute could move on to arbitration.

Costa Rica starts aid distribution to Guanacaste farmers stricken by drought

Several communities in the northwestern province of Guanacaste registered rainfall levels below 1 centimeter (0.4 inches) in May, the National Meteorological Institute reported. Drought conditions are expected to hit the province again starting next week.

Costa Rica is officially going after the lionfish

The Southern Caribbean Artisanal Fishermen's Association on Monday presented officials from the Agriculture and Livestock Ministry a plan to reduce the population of lionfish (Pterois), an invasive species that threatens Costa Rica’s fish and shellfish populations.

Costa Rica experiments with aquaponics to fight drought

Water from an aquaponics system works as an effective fertilizer that reduces crops’ growing time by up to 50 percent and reduces water use by up to 90 percent, according to research from the Agriculture and Livestock Ministry.

Costa Rica increases organic produce exports to Europe

Costa Rica's third country organic accreditation with EU countries allowed local organic producers to send coffee for the first time to Estonia last year, while pineapple producers sold for the first time to France and Switzerland.

Costa Rica bans avocado imports from 9 countries

Hold the guac! That side of guacamole could get a lot more expensive now that Costa Rica has decided to temporarily ban avocado imports from nine countries, including Mexico, the world’s largest producer of avocados.

National Emergency Commission lifts drought warning for Pacific provinces

Rainfall along the Pacific coast has gradually returned to normal levels following last year's decrease in rainfall of up to 65 percent in Guanacaste and 30 percent in Puntarenas.

Government approves $1 million in aid to farmers affected by unusual weather conditions

Drought and excess rainfall during the past year caused damage worth some $19.8 million, the Agriculture and Livestock Ministry reported this week.

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