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Trouble in paradise: LGBTQ rights debate divides Costa Rica

As long as is poverty and lack of education remain, people will keep discriminating against others.

Meet the White House’s first transgender staffer

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan has been hired as an outreach and recruitment director for presidential personnel in the White House Office of Presidential Personnel, LGBT groups and the White House said Tuesday.

US Ambassador to Costa Rica: Embassy will remain at forefront of LGBT issues

In addition to LGBT issues, Haney addressed the United States and Costa Rica’s long history and mutual cooperation on climate change, security and economic development.

Costa Rica grants first gay common-law marriage in Central America

Along with being the first legal recognition of a same-sex relationship in Central America, the decision could set an example for judges elsewhere in the country to recognize gay relationships and even adoption. But both supporters and opponents of the ruling expect a forthcoming legal battle.

Argentine baby’s 3 parents ‘very proud’ of legal first

An Argentine toddler is the first in that country to legally have two mommies and a daddy. Antonio's lesbian mothers, Susana Guichal and Valeria Gaete, and sperm-donor father, Hernan Melazzi, are all named on the child's birth certificate.

Survey reveals hurdles for aging gay and lesbian couples in Costa Rica

Considering that a group of care workers did not even believe that LGBTI elderly people exist, among other factors, the survey determined that Costa Rica did not have an adequate supply of services and resources for LGBTI senior citizens.

Costa Rican court upholds gay rights in professional associations

Costa Rica’s Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, quietly upheld a decision recognizing the rights of gay and lesbian couples last week. The decision, announced on April 30, ruled that the Costa Rican Doctors and Surgeons Association discriminated against gay and lesbian members by refusing to let them sponsor their same-sex partners for membership at the association’s recreational facilities.

Costa Rican police join human rights group to launch campaign against LGBT discrimination

A recent survey of National Police officers by the Center for Research and Promotion of Human Rights in Central America found that 25 percent believed that LGBT people had fewer rights under the law than heterosexuals.

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