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At least 13 killed in Guatemala Indigenous land dispute

At least 13 people were killed in western Guatemala, including women, children and a policeman, in a long-running land dispute between Indigenous villages, police...

Community managed forests protect against climate change, study finds

Community-managed forests in Guatemala and Brazil help protect against climate change and deforestation, and can save us billions of dollars, a new report finds.

Human rights commission ruling gives hope for Costa Rica indigenous autonomy

Costa Rican indigenous leaders hope the long-delayed Indigenous Autonomy Bill might finally get a hearing in the Legislative Assembly as result of April’s Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ruling ordering the government to take precautionary measures to protect indigenous groups in the Salitre Indigenous Reserve in southwestern Costa Rica.

Costa Rica struggles with indigenous land rights

An indigenous rights issue has put Costa Rica’s much-vaunted human rights record to the test as the country struggles to protect members of the Bribrí and Teribe indigenous communities from non-indigenous people who have forcibly, and at times violently, removed them from indigenous ancestral lands.

US concerns grow over possible Nicaragua Canal land expropriation, ambassador says

"What's going to happen if along the [canal] route it will require land expropriation, and how are they [the Sandinista government] going to do it?" U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua Phyllis Powers asked in an interview published Monday in the Nicaraguan news magazine Confidencial. "Because we have U.S. citizens who have property along the route."

Tensions ease in Salitre indigenous crisis, but the dispute is far from resolved

BUENOS AIRES, Puntarenas – As government mediators return to San José and peace slowly returns to the Salitre indigenous reserve in Costa Rica’s southeastern region, the charred skeleton of a makeshift home remains as the only visible vestige of an intense conflict earlier this week.

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