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La Mansion Inn

Accused Hotelier in Costa Rica Murder Case In Private Hospital

In an update to last week's article where we reported on a Costa Rica judge’s order to change the means of detention of defendant...

Costa Rica Hotel Owner To Be Jailed For Murder Trial

A Costa Rica judge has signed an order for the immediate penal detention of a hotel owner in Manuel Antoinio/Quepos to await trial for...

5 good hotels, 5 good restaurants in Manuel Antonio and Quepos

Reviewing hotels and restaurants in Manuel Antonio and Quepos, we felt like mosquitoes at a nudist colony: We were very happy to be here, but we hardly knew where to begin.

Manuel Antonio is Costa Rica’s top destination, and there are good reasons why

With a national park, a marina and a ridge packed with outstanding hotels, Manuel Antonio and Quepos are the king of the hill of Costa Rican tourism. We explore all the reasons why there is so much more to this area than a walk in the park.

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