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International Women's Day

Eight women who blazed a trail through Costa Rican history

Costa Rica may not have an army today, but Francisca ‘Pancha’ Carrasco gained fame as a warrior. Born in 1816 in Taras de Cartago, she broke the rules for girls by learning to read, write and ride a horse.

Women of Costa Rica: Let’s open the door for each other already

Much of what I’ve learned about selflessness and courtesy, I have learned from women here. But I do believe that there is room for me and for many others to show more solidarity with our fellow women, not just on International Women’s Day but also through our mundane, daily actions year-round.

Change is happening for the women of Sololá

International Women's Day feature: Indigenous women in Guatemala occupy the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder. But that is changing.

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