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Travel Insurance for a Vacation to Costa Rica

There are many factors think about if you want to get Travel Insurance when going to Costa Rica on vacation or for any other...

Costa Rica Health Pass: What to Know Before You Go

Before the pandemic, Costa Rica received over 1.7 million tourists annually, bringing an estimated 1.7 billion dollars in revenue with them. With COVID-19 devastating...

In virus hotspot Florida, a family mourns — and worries about bills

The 55-year-old native of El Salvador left behind a devastated family that must now mourn, all while it confronts a mind-blowing hospital bill.

INS Travel Insurance helps you stay safe while traveling abroad

You’ve saved up for months for that dreamed-of trip to Disneyland or to visit family in another country. You bought a new camera and...

Hundreds of gay couples sign up for expanded health insurance coverage in Costa Rica

Hundreds of same-sex couples have successfully applied to insure their partners after the Costa Rican Social Security System board of directors voted to expand health care benefits, a policy that went into effect a year ago Tuesday. Some of the highest acceptance rates occurred in rural areas.

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