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President Alvarado vetoes marchamo discount; payments start today

President Carlos Alvarado vetoed legislation that would have discounted Costa Rica’s mandatory vehicle circulation permits, or marchamos.

Legislative Assembly approves marchamo discount, again

For the second straight year, Costa Rica's Legislative Assembly has approved a discount on the mandatory vehicle circulation permits, or marchamos. Deputies approved the project on...

Costa Rica transitions to online validation of tourist insurance policies

Tourists visiting Costa Rica can now submit the required travel insurance information via the online epidemiological form, the Tourism Board (ICT) announced Tuesday.

INS offers cheaper policy for visitors to Costa Rica

The National Insurance Institute (INS) now sells a cheaper travel insurance policy for visitors to Costa Rica

ICT confirms requirements for international travel insurance policies

The Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) has confirmed the insurance requirements for foreigners who wish to visit Costa Rica during the pandemic.

Costa Rica will accept other travel insurance policies for tourists

Costa Rica will welcome tourists who purchase qualifying foreign travel insurance policies, The Tico Times has learned.

IATA asks Costa Rica to reconsider entry requirements for tourists

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has asked Costa Rica to reconsider the requirements it's imposing on arriving tourists. 

Immigration Administration clarifies new Costa Rica entry policies

Residents who were issued an entry impediment upon leaving Costa Rica (e.g. who left after March 25) cannot return to the country unless they come from an authorized country in which they have remained for 14 days, the Immigration Administration says. 

Costa Rica to ‘review’ insurance policy requirements for tourists

Having insurance that covers medical care and an extended stay in Costa Rica is one of the country's requirements for international tourists, as the Tourism Board (ICT) announced on July 23. 

Vehicle insurance costs to go up in November

A spike of almost 30 percent in the number of traffic accidents recorded in Costa Rica during first eight months of this year prompted an increase in the price of the mandatory automobile insurance for 2017.

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