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Costa Rica transitions to online validation of tourist insurance policies

Tourists visiting Costa Rica can now submit the required travel insurance information via the online epidemiological form, the Tourism Board (ICT) announced Tuesday.

Likewise, visitors from the United States can upload a photo of their driver’s license or state ID as proof of residency in one of the approved states.

The changes will reduce the number of ICT staff necessary at the airport and streamline the immigration process for arriving tourists.

“The digitalization of this service reduces waiting time at the airport and improves the enjoyment of the visitor’s experience upon arrival in our country,” said Alberto López, general manager of the ICT.

New process for arriving tourists

Everyone entering Costa Rica during the pandemic must complete the online Health Pass epidemiological form, which has been improved for tourists.

In the insurance section, tourists can include their INS or SAGICOR policy number, if applicable. If the visitor has a foreign policy, they must upload a PDF for validation.

There is also a new section for U.S. visitors to upload a driver’s license or State ID.

If the tourist meets all entry requirements, the Health Pass generates a green code for the visitor to show Immigration Police. It displays a purple code if an ICT member has to manually validate documents, and a red code if certain requirements are not met.

The ICT will continue face-to-face assistance at Costa Rica’s airports, particularly “for the verification of health insurance requirements and [to verify] the residence of travelers who come from the United States.”

(During the transition to this new workflow, we at The Tico Times highly recommend that arriving tourists continue to bring paper copies of all documents.)

Requirements for arriving tourists

Tourists wishing to enter Costa Rica via a flight still must comply with these requirements:

  • Complete the online “Health Pass” epidemiological form:
  • Show proof of a negative PCR test for the coronavirus. The sample for the test must have been taken no more than 72 hours before departure.
  • Obtain travel insurance. This can be either a pre-approved Costa Rican policy from INS or Sagicor, or an international policy that covers COVID-19 medical expenses of at least $50,000 and $2,000 for lodging.

In addition, tourists must have remained in an authorized country for at least 14 days before the flight. U.S. residents must show a driver’s license or State ID indicating they live in an approved state.

Click here for a detailed breakdown of requirements and authorized states/countries, as published by the Costa Rica Tourism Board.

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