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Immigration Administration clarifies new Costa Rica entry policies

The Immigration Administration on Monday clarified who can legally enter Costa Rica in August.

Residents who were issued an entry impediment upon leaving Costa Rica (e.g. those who left after March 25) cannot return to the country unless they come from an authorized country in which they have remained for 14 days, the Immigration Administration says.

“The person with migratory status who, when leaving the country, was given an impediment to their entry, will not be allowed to enter if they do not come from an authorized country,” their explanatory statement reads.

The Tico Times contacted the Immigration Administration for corroboration, and their press office confirmed that “residents with impediments cannot enter via humanitarian flights.”

Below is a full translation of the Immigration Administration’s statement:


As of August 1, via Executive Decree 42513-MGP-S, authorization is given to foreign persons under the migratory category of Tourism, and who come from countries authorized by the Health Ministry (European Union -Schengen area-, United Kingdom and Canada), to enter the national territory via air. International flights will enter and land in the national territory through Juan Santamaría International Airport.

The requirements tourists must meet to enter Costa Rica are:

  1. Have travel insurance that covers accommodation and medical expenses generated by the COVID-19 disease, which is offered by one of the insurers authorized by the General Superintendence of Insurance in Costa Rica and duly endorsed by said authority.*
  2. Complete the Health Pass form, which was created by the Health Ministry.
  3. Have a negative PCR-RT test for COVID-19, in the terms established by the Health Ministry.

* Editor’s note: A policy from the National Insurance Institute is the only one that is currently authorized. However, this is under review, according to President Carlos Alvarado. 

Migration Police (PPM) will verify proper compliance with the requirements filed by the Health Ministry for the entry of tourists by air. Likewise, officers will verify that the foreign person has remained in the country of authorized origin for at least 14 days before their flight’s arrival in Costa Rica.

For Costa Ricans who return to the country by air, compliance with the sanitary isolation order will be maintained. They must also present the Health Pass form.

In the case of foreigners who have Permanent Residence, Temporary Residence, Special Categories or Estancias, they can only enter by air from the countries authorized by the Health Ministry, and must submit the Health Pass form, as well as show a valid identification document for foreigners (DIMEX) and proof of current payment to the Costa Rican Social Security System. In addition, they must abide by the sanitary isolation order.

Those who are in process will not be able to enter the country unless they meet the entry requirements as a tourist.

Likewise, the person with migratory status who, when leaving the country, was given an impediment to entry, will not be allowed to enter if they do not come from an authorized country, with the indicated requirements.

Land, sea and river borders closed

The restriction of entry into the country will be maintained in all maritime, land and river migratory posts until August 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m., under the same conditions that have been applied previously.

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