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Marchamo payments begin this week

The deadline to pay year-end auto insurance is Dec. 31.

Marchamo auto circulation permit fees go up for 2012

To find out how much your marchamo will cost, you can send a text message to 1467 with the word “marchamo” and your car’s license plate number.

Marchamo payments will not include traffic camera fines

Drivers who received $600 speeding tickets through the now-suspended traffic camera system will get a reprieve from payment until the Sala IV rules on the legality of exorbitant traffic fines.

Deadline Looming For Marchamo Payment

It’s that time of year again: Time to pay the vehicle circulation permit, otherwise known as the marchamo. Payments are due Dec. 31. The fee, which...

Marchamo Conflict May Reach World Trade Organization

A regional conflict over Costa Rica’s attempt to impose a new electronic vehicle circulation system for incoming cargo trucks may reach the World Trade...

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