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Rodrigo Chaves announces 4 actions to reduce gas prices in Costa Rica

On Sunday, May 22, Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves announced, though a statement, his government will implement 4 concrete actions to lower fuel prices....

Inflation is a risk for Latin America’s stability, analysts warn

Inflation threatens the immediate future and political stability in Latin America, several observers of the region warned Monday at the Davos forum, a pessimistic...

Costa Rica registers inflation of 0.29% in February

The accumulated inflation over the last 12 months reached 1.79%, below the target of 3% set by the Central Bank for this year.

Inflation in Costa Rica closed in 2019 at 1.52%, below the official target

This is the fifth consecutive year that the inflation index closes below the 3% target that the Central Bank has maintained in recent years.

Five keys to Argentina’s economic crisis

South America's third biggest economy is in virtual default, according to Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez, who claims it is suffering a similar crisis to the worst of its history in 2001.

Inflation in Costa Rica decreases due to falling fuel prices

Fuels had an important impact on the September price drop, with a 7% reduction in the price of gasoline and 2.35% in diesel.

Food, goods and services drive Costa Rica inflation

The groups that recorded the highest price increases were those of various goods and services (1.47%), and food and non-alcoholic beverages (0.86%).

Mexico GDP growth beats forecasts as services sector lends boost

Mexico's economy expanded more than forecast for the fourth consecutive quarter in the final three months of the year as domestic consumption rebounded amid record low inflation.

Costa Rica registers negative inflation in 2015

For the first time in 50 years, Costa Rica registered a negative inflation rate, at –0.81percent, in 2015.

Costa Rican lawmakers move forward with bill to lower cap on rent hikes

If approved by the full Assembly, yearly rent increases would be capped at 10 percent, down from the current 15 percent.

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