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Costa Rica
Monday, August 2, 2021
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Weekly commute by canoe for Panama teacher to reach off-grid village kids

Once a week, teacher Graciela Bouche takes a canoe from her small town in the Panama rainforest to an indigenous village.

Pre-Columbian tombs halt construction on Route 1 highway

An archaeological evaluation prior to the expansion of the main highway in Costa Rica revealed the presence of four pre-Columbian tombs, clay pots and...

Another indigenous man killed in Costa Rica’s southern zone

This new crime against the life of an indigenous leader comes less than a year after the murder of Sergio Rojas, a Bribrí leader from the territory of Salitre, in a crime which remains unsolved.

Some progress, and a complicated legacy, 10 months after Sergio Rojas’s murder

After the murder of Sergio Rojas, the struggle to regain indigenous land has continued.

New Costa Rican law recognizes nationality for indigenous populations

The lack of nationality has been a historical obstacle preventing indigenous people living on Costa Rica’s borders access to basic services such as healthcare, education and social assistance benefits.

Costa Rica appoints Guillermo Rodriguez as first indigenous ambassador

The Costa Rican government named Guillermo Rodriguez Romero, a Bribri indigenous attorney from the village of Suretka in Talamanca, as the ambassador to Bolivia. Rodriguez is Costa Rica’s first indigenous ambassador in history.

Archaeologists discover ancient petroglyph in Guanacaste

Archaeologists unearthed and moved the rock for conservation and study with the help of experts from the National Museum.

Ayahuasca, the sacred jungle vine that lures Westerners to the Amazon

The supposed teachings of plants like ayahuasca, datura and tobacco attract travelers from all over the world. Some try to heal diseases, others try to find answers. In the past couple of years, dozens of retreats have been built near Iquitos to accommodate these practices.

Thousands of pre-Columbian artifacts returning to Costa Rica

National Museum director said the exhibition will give us deeper insight into Costa Rica’s indigenous history.

U.S. museum to return indigenous artifacts

The Brooklyn Museum in New York is voluntarily giving up a priceless 4,500-piece pre-Columbian collection, but the Costa Rican National Museum doesn’t have money to pay for shipping.

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