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Independent Journalism

El Salvador Government denies using spyware on Journalists

The government of El Salvador has denied using the Israeli Pegasus software to spy on journalists and activists. In a statement issued late Wednesday, spokeswoman...

Costa Rica recognizes ‘sacrifice and dignity’ of freed journalist Lucía Pineda Ubáu

Lucía Pineda Ubáu spent 172 days illegally and unjustly imprisoned in Nicaragua’s La Esperanza Women's Prison.

Carlos Fernando Chamorro, a journalist who fights Ortega’s regime in Nicaragua

“The independent press is a check and balance, and it should continue to play that role."

Free press accuses Daniel Ortega’s dictatorship of wanting to impose a reign of silence

Saturday, September 8, when the International Day of Solidarity of Journalists was celebrated worldwide, reporters and directors of independent media organizations in Nicaragua expressed that Daniel Ortega was a “dictatorial Regime” that considers those fighting for freedom enemies. The journalists spoke out about ending the Forum of Independent Journalists, which was used to debate the situation of the press in the context of the crisis provoked through state repression.

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