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United States seeks agreement on migration with Latin America

The United States is seeking to reach a firm agreement with Latin American countries on migration ahead of the upcoming Summit of the Americas...

Blinken travels to Panama seeking consensus on curbing illegal migration

U.S. Chief of Staff Antony Blinken will prepare the ground for the Summit of the Americas by attending a regional meeting on migration in...

On the road with a Migrant Caravan leaving Honduras

Hundreds of men, women and children gathered early Saturday morning in the parking lot of San Pedro Sula's main transit hub, on the edge...

Hundreds of migrants leave Honduras in caravan to US

Hundreds of people departed Saturday from San Pedro Sula, northern Honduras, in a new caravan of migrants with intentions of seeking better living conditions...

5 Ways to Become a Legal Resident of Costa Rica

Becoming a legal resident of Costa Rica can be a challenge. We summarize the options.

Nearly 19,000 kids crossed dangerous Darien Gap in 2021: UN

A record of almost 19,000 children have crossed the dangerous Darien Gap jungle between Colombia and Panama this year en route to the United States

Darien Gap: Where hell and hope collide for US-bound migrants

Stumbling over a stone in the Colombian jungle, a 12-year-old Haitian boy only pauses before readjusting the folded tent slung over his shoulder and...

How to retire as cheaply as possible in Costa Rica

Some tips for cheaper living in Costa Rica.

‘Many didn’t make it’: Haitian migrants’ traumatic journey to Panama

So far in 2021, 64,000 migrants have crossed the jungle, including 18,000 in August alone, according to Panama's Security Minister Jean Pino.

Reminder: Extended tourist visas expire in June

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Costa Rica has on several occasions extended tourist visas for those already in the country.

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