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Hydroelectric project

Green Hydrogen Technology could change Costa Rica’s Future

Former astronaut Franklin Chang is confident that in 10 years Costa Rica, his country, will be different. He aspires to make it much richer...

Renewable Energy: Costa Rica’s Energy Independence

You may recognize Costa Rica for its lush tropical rainforests and breathtaking beaches. However, Costa Rica has been making headlines in recent years for a...

Reduced electricity rates this year? Don’t hold your breath

ICE Executive President Carlos Obregón and CNFL General Manager Víctor Solís will have to appear before a Legislative Assembly committee to explain the impact of the agencies' investments on electricity rates.

Regulator approves decrease in electricity rates for next quarter

The change in electricity tariffs will vary by company, but the average decrease will be 5.41 percent.

Costa Rica’s electricity mostly from renewable sources in 2016

ICE president Carlos Manuel Obregón said the strategic location of the country's reservoirs allows it to maximize rainfall collection, mostly from the highlands and the Caribbean region.

Reventazón, Central America’s biggest hydroelectric project, goes online

The first of the Reventazón dam’s five turbines went online this week. When the dam is fully operational, it will produce enough power for an estimated 525,000 homes.

Honduran environmentalist Berta Cáceres murdered, family says

When Cáceres won the 2015 Goldman Award for environmental activism, for leading the indigenous Lenca people in a struggle against a massive hydroelectric dam, the organization commended her for carrying on her campaign despite death threats.

Costa Rica boasts clean energy — and bad car pollution

With an electricity grid supplied by hydroelectric dams across rivers, from the heat of its numerous volcanoes, and from wind and the sun, the small Central American nation expects 97 percent of its energy generation to come from renewable sources this year.

Costa Rica juggles jaguars and dam construction with matching grant

The Costa Rican government is doubling down on a payment for environmental services program designed to protect a jaguar migration corridor adjacent to the site of the Revantazón hydroelectric dam.

China throws Brazil multi-billion dollar lifeline for jets, oil

China Development Bank and the Asian country's export credit financing agency agreed to provide a total of $7 billion in financing for Brazil's state-run energy company Petroleo Brasileiro. And Tianjin Airlines signed a contract to buy 22 jets from São Paulo-based Embraer.

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