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Global food crisis will cause ‘millions of deaths’, says humanitarian organization

The global food crisis caused by the war in Ukraine will cause "millions of deaths" by exposing the most vulnerable population to infectious diseases,...

This Thanksgiving in Costa Rica, pass a plate to those in need

Share your Thanksgiving meal with a child in need - including children who have fled the Syrian conflict - with just a click on your smartphone.

More than 113 million people worldwide suffered from hunger in 2018

"The outlook for 2019 is even worse than in 2018, when the El Niño phenomenon caused extremely dry conditions and a prolonged heat wave," says the report.

Could seaweed be Costa Rica’s food of the future?

Research found that one hectare of Costa Rica’s marine territory has the potential to harvest 40 tons of edible seaweed per year.

Costa Rica meets Millennium Development Goal for hunger reduction

The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) named Costa Rica among 72 countries (of 129 evaluated) that achieved the Millennium Development Goal of cutting in half by a 2015 deadline the number of residents living in situations of hunger.

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