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Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated in Costa Rica this year

There is nothing like the Thanksgiving celebration for every US and Canadian household. It is a day filled with unbelievable food, the warm company...

Celebrating Mathematics in Costa Rica on International Pi Day

The unique holiday was founded in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw and took place at the Exploratorium a San Francisco-based interactive science museum. Every March...

Costa Rica’s Valentine’s Day: Love it or Leave it

There appear to be two schools of thought when it comes to Valentine’s Day: Love it or Leave it. Those of the older generation...

Valentine’s in Costa Rica: Beware of Armed Cherubs

Hearts, candy, flowers, mood music and that chubby-cheeked cherub in a loincloth – you guessed it. Valentine's Day is coming. Romance makes for strange bedfellows,...

Driving to San Jose After The Holidays: Know Before You Go

Today is the day to pack your patience if you are driving back to San Jose from your beach vacation. Tomorrow students and most government...

Scrapped flights, resurgent Covid deliver gut punch to holiday season

Holiday travel headaches and safety worries swelled Monday with thousands of flights cancelled and Omicron cases soaring, as people wrap up Christmas celebrations bruised...

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday!

A Christmas story we weren’t meant to hear

Christmas one hundred and seven years ago meant Christmas trees with real candles, women in long skirts and petticoats, and men with waxed mustaches...

A Costa Rica Christmas: Nativity Scenes, Fireworks, Tamales and Shouting

What is it that makes us follow old customs year after year, even with so many new appealing ideas in the market? Why do...

An Age Old Christmas Tradition: Making tamales in Costa Rica

Doña Flor Arguedas, 71, has been making tamales since she was 22. That was the year she got married. Her new mother-in-law told her,...

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