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Dengue cases decrease in Costa Rica

Costa Rican authorities have identified 1,766 cases of dengue so far this year, down significantly compared to the 5,730 tallied by the same date in 2020.

Costa Rica turns to telemedicine for patients in rural areas

Trauma patients in Costa Rica can now receive care from the country's specialized doctors in San José — even if they're hours away. 

Costa Rican ‘super eggs’ boost daily intake of nutrients

Selenium-enriched eggs produced using a new technique developed at the University of Costa Rica can help strengthen the immune system and contribute to the prevention of various types of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Costa Rica ranks among healthiest, most comfortable retirement destinations

Costa Rica ranked highly in two recent surveys of top destinations for retirement for its healthy environment and relative comfort.

Costa Rica ranks healthiest country in Latin America

Health and happiness really do go together in Costa Rica. The country recently topped another list — this time, of the region's healthiest countries.

Agriculture Ministry surveys population’s consumption of fruits, vegetables, seafood

Agriculture Ministry officials this week began a nationwide survey on the population's consumption of vegetables, fish and seafood.

Why aren’t eggs refrigerated at Costa Rican grocery stores?

Many expats from the United States are used to finding their favorite breakfast protein in the refrigerated section of the grocery store, but much of the world doesn’t refrigerate or wash their eggs, Costa Rica included. Both washed and unwashed eggs are safe to eat, as long as they are handled properly.

New Saturday afternoon organic market to open in Zapote

Love organic produce, but don't love getting up at the crack of dawn every weekend to go to the market? San José organic food lovers can add a new afternoon produce fair to their list starting in September, as the Feria Orgánica El Trueque expands into the southeastern San José neighborhood of Zapote.

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