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‘The Costa Rica model’: The New Yorker profiles Costa Rica healthcare

The New Yorker, a United States-based magazine, will highlight Costa Rica’s healthcare system in its August 30 edition.

In virus hotspot Florida, a family mourns — and worries about bills

The 55-year-old native of El Salvador left behind a devastated family that must now mourn, all while it confronts a mind-blowing hospital bill.

Hundreds of gay couples sign up for expanded health insurance coverage in Costa Rica

Hundreds of same-sex couples have successfully applied to insure their partners after the Costa Rican Social Security System board of directors voted to expand health care benefits, a policy that went into effect a year ago Tuesday. Some of the highest acceptance rates occurred in rural areas.

Libertarians propose Caja insurance bill for workers earning less than minimum wage

In order to offer basic insurance with the Caja, current laws provide only a minimum monthly wage of ₡185,488 ($345). Caja uses this figure to calculate monthly insurance fees for workers even if they earn less than that. The law does not allow for coverage for temporary workers.

Costa Rica to reach population of 5 million by 2018

Costa Rica will reach a population of 5 million by 2018, according to estimates from the National Statistics and Census Institute (INEC). INEC and Casa Presidencial warned that there are some growing pains ahead for the country as it approaches.

New plan aims to boost medical tourism industry in Costa Rica

Companies in the medical tourism sector in Costa Rica will benefit from a training program aimed exclusively at small- and medium-sized enterprises in six regions of the country.

Ask A Cost Rica Expat: What do US expats need to know about Obamacare?

Our new columnist Ross Lustman explains all things legal and tax-related.

Costa Rica to host annual medical tourism summit

Costa Rica is among the world’s five best places to retire, according to “International Living” magazine.

Medical tourism fair to offer 1,000 jobs in Costa Rica

Expomed includes lectures and free health consultation for attendees.

Tourism and health sectors seek to boost medical tourism in Costa Rica

Companies will link with solidarista associations this week in San José.

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