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Fuel prices

Costa Rica’s oil refinery wants to increase fuel prices – again

Higher fuel prices approved last Friday haven't even gone into effect yet, but that hasn't stopped the National Oil Refinery (RECOPE) from seeking a new hike of ₡9 in the per-liter prices of gasoline and diesel.

Gas prices could rise in Costa Rica following request from state oil refinery

If approved by the Public Services Regulatory Authority the price hike will be the fourth consecutive rise this year.

State-owned oil refinery forced to return improperly spent funds through new cut in fuel prices

The Public Services Regulatory Authority found that the state-owned oil refinery improperly used public funds to pay for expenses like airline tickets and professional services at the refinery expansion project in Limón.

Regulatory Authority approves lower prices for most fuels

The most noticeable decrease will apply to motorists who use diesel, with savings of ₡22 on each liter.

Higher gas prices expected this week

The price of a liter of Super gasoline is expected to increase by 5 percent later this week.

Gas prices to go up this week

The Public Services Regulatory Authority approved an increase in fuel prices that will rise per-liter prices of fuel in up to ₡42.

This year’s first price increase at the pump could start next month

The National Oil Refinery on Friday filed its first request of the year for a fuel price increase, which would take effect in March, if approved.

Gas prices to drop again this week in Costa Rica

The Public Services Regulatory Authority on Monday approved a new decrease in the per-liter prices of fuel, the second consecutive decrease this month.

Regulator publishes ‘historic’ drop in gas prices amid global oil oversupply

No need to keep driving on fumes, as Costa Rica’s gasoline regulator announced “historic” price cuts at the pump starting Thursday. Plus gasoline goes on sale at ₡552/L ($1.02), with ₡580/L ($1.07) for Super and ₡522/L ($0.97) for diesel, according to prices ARESEP published in the official newspaper, La Gaceta.

Fuel prices to drop this week

The Public Services Regulatory Authority approved the fifth decrease in fuel prices of the year, sending the order Monday for publication in the official newspaper La Gaceta.

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