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freedom of the press

Costa Rica ranks as the 35th freest in the world according to Freedom House

Freedom House, a Washington-based human rights organization, presented its annual report on the freest nations based on citizens' access to political rights. It specifically...

Costa Rica stands out in Latin America on press freedom

Costa Rica continues to stand out in Latin America in terms of press freedom, according to the latest report by the international organization Reporters...

Costa Rica shines in World Press Freedom Index

At fifth overall, Costa Rica was the highest-ranked country in the region. 

Costa Rica, ‘fake news’ and the Trump effect: We are unprepared

"The problem is that various Costa Rican politicians, and maybe those of other countries as well, have seen that this formula works."

Supreme Court: Banco Nacional engaged in “coercion” in La Nación case

Sala IV justices ruled that Banco Nacional actions damaged the right to freedom of expression and citizens’ rights to accurate information.

Costa Rica lacks a freedom of information law but still ranks high in press freedom

One prominent Costa Rican journalist argued that a freedom of information law would only open the door to more onerous requirements for accessing public information.

Police arrest four suspects in assault on Costa Rican journalist

Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) agents on Friday morning arrested four suspects in an investigation for the attack of Channel 7 Telenoticias journalist Álvaro Sánchez last July.

News photographer among 5 victims found bound, killed in Mexico

Ruben Espinosa, 31, a photographer with magazine Proceso was among the five victims found with bound hands, bearing apparent signs of torture, according to Articulo 19, a media rights group.

Costa Rican journalist attacked, injured by mob at crime scene

Telenoticias reporter Álvaro Sánchez was attacked by a mob while covering a news story on Monday night in Desamparados, south of Costa Rica's capital. He suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon.

Solís looks to reset relations with Costa Rican media

Solís signed the Declaration of Chapultepec on Wednesday, a commitment that "No law or act of government may limit freedom of expression or of the press, whatever the medium.”

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