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forest fires

Costa Rican firefighters prepare for start of country’s wildfire season

March and April are typically the most vulnerable months for uncontrolled fires in Costa Rica.

NASA image shows how well Costa Rica has prevented forest fires

Humans burn an average of 175 million acres of forest and grassland every year.

Environment Ministry officials report increased damage of wildfires inside protected areas

Environment Ministry officials claim 100 percent of the wildfires inside protected areas occurred because of people’s negligent or premeditated actions.

Wildfires destroy thousands of hectares of protected areas, private lands

Firefighters are battling to extinguish at least six wildfires in the Central and Northern Pacific as well as in the country’s northern inland region.

Environment officials warn of wildfire risk due to strong winds

Strong winds in Costa Rica on Tuesday morning reached speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour in the northern Pacific, prompting fears of wildfires.

Aerial imaging shows dramatic effects of drought on California’s trees

A combination of laser-imaging technology and satellite data has shed new light on the devastating impacts of California's ongoing drought.

Health officials in Costa Rica to ban sky lanterns

The ban stems from a study showing that sky lanterns, commonly known here as "globos de los deseos” or "wishing balloons," can burn through plastic, wood and other materials in minutes, constituting a major fire hazard.

Nearly half of Costa Rica’s Diriá National Park consumed by wildfires

Currently the fires are mostly concentrated in small, isolated burn areas primarily in three sectors. But all three of them are hard to access and very distant from each other.

Forest fires burn more than 2,000 hectares in Guanacaste

Officials with the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) believe that some of the fires may have been started intentionally.

More than 500 hectares of protected areas destroyed by wildfires this year

Firefighters currently are battling against four wildfires in protected areas in the provinces of Guanacaste, Alajuela and Puntarenas.

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