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Gone Fishin

Fishing Costa Rica: Tie a Ribbon Around the Yellow Sailfish Tree

When the hillsides along the Pacific Ocean bloom bright yellow, it is time to go fishing, because that is when you will see the double digit days of sailfish that makes Costa Rica a premier destination for sailfish anglers.

Fishing In Costa Rica: Where to Go and What you’ll Catch

An overview of Costa Rica's best fishing spots and species.

Fishing in Costa Rica: A Guide on Where and When to Go

An overview of Costa Rica's best fishing spots and species.

Costa Rica’s Vice Minister of Agriculture calls for reform of Sailfish regulations

A crowd had gathered at hotel Corobici in San Jose anxiously awaiting the arrival of then Minister of Agriculture Jose Maria Figueres. Most of...

Costa Rica tuna cannery’s effect on costal communities

Alimentos Pro Salud S.A., the Puntarenas Company that produces a variety of different brands of canned tuna including Sardimar is one of the largest...

Costa Rica’s tuna regulations affect dolphins and national fishermen

For more than two years, a couple of proposed laws have been floating in and out of the Costa Rican congress regarding tuna reform...

Costa Rican earns top angler in international tournament

Anglers from Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the United States and Costa Rica competed in the 38th International Sailfish and Marlin tournament.

Fishing For Tarpon in Costa Rica at Casa Mar Lodge

In September, 1998, an erstwhile collection of self-proclaimed fishing enthusiasts congregated in the extreme northeast corner of Costa Rica, just south from the southeastern...

Costa Rica delays protection of dolphins

FECOP, the Costa Rican Fishing Federation expressed their disappointed in the delay of a tuna law reform that would have given better protection to...

Costa Rica rolls out the welcome mat to the yachting world

One of the most spectacular ways to see Costa Rica is from the water.

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