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Costa Rica Culture: The Boruca ‘Little Devils’ Game

A shirtless man stands at the top of a gravel dirt road clutching a conch shell in both of his hands. He pushes the spiral shell to his mouth and it emits a deep, trumpeting call. The sound, which marks the beginning of the last day of the traditional Juego de los Diablitos, reverberates through the village

VIDEO: Fans weather rain to celebrate Festival de la Luz

Spectators numbered in the thousands, crowding the sidewalks for miles.

Eat (and drink!) delicious pejibaye at annual Costa Rica festival

Alcoholic chicha -- made from pejibaye -- at the Feria de Pejibayes in 2011. Pejibaye, or peach-palm in English, is a versatile fruit. Consume it topped...

Solís signs decree declaring emergency over arsenic in Guanacaste water supply

For decades, residents in Costa Rica's northwestern province of Guanacaste have been drinking water containing dangerously high levels of arsenic. Despite a 2013 order from the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, government agencies still have not provided Guanacastecos with clean drinking water.

5 things you should know before Friday’s Annexation of the Partido de Nicoya festival

On Friday, the people of Costa Rica's northwestern province of Guanacaste will dust off their cowboy boots and head out for a traditional Tico celebration at the annual Annexation of the Partido de Nicoya Festival. Held every July 25, the festival commemorates the date that the Partido de Nicoya, today known as Guanacaste, became a part of Costa Rica in 1824. Before you head out for bullfights and meat on a stick here is what you should know about the festival.

Paper tigers growl in Nicoya

Costa Rican politicians took an aggressive stance against comments by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega that some believe have been exaggerated during a march in Guanacaste on Thursday.

Annexation of Guanacaste: Moments of Celebration

Photographic highlights from yesterday's Annexation of Guanacaste festivities in Nicoya.

Unions, social actors pledge their support to protesters in Guanacaste

National union representatives listed rising socio-economic inequality, poor infrastructure and environmental concerns among their reasons for participating in upcoming protests in Nicoya on Thursday.

Annexation of Guanacaste celebration, protesting come around again

On July 25, 1824, Costa Rica’s annexation of Guanacaste became official. In 1848, the territory officially became a Costa Rican province with four cantons: Nicoya, Santa Cruz, Bagaces and Cañas. Today, Guanacaste has 11 cantons.

Nation celebrates Guanacaste’s Annexation

Ticos commemorated the region’s decision to join Costa Rica.

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