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Researchers find specimen of Costa Rican frog believed to be extinct

The specimen is currently living at a UCR terrarium under permanent monitoring and aseptic conditions that are controlled for temperature and humidity. Researchers are preparing her for an amphibian conservation program.

We’re risking a mass extinction of frogs – and they’re the ‘canary in the coal mine’

Frogs are dying off at an alarming rate in Central America and in other tropical areas -- and it's not clear why.

With current rate of climate change, 23 percent of species in South America could face extinction, study finds

The study, published Thursday in journal Science, found that extinction risks were highest in South America, Australia and New Zealand, and risks did not vary by taxonomic group. In South America, the most vulnerable region, 23 percent of species may face extinction.

The search for Costa Rica’s extinct golden toad

At the start of Costa Rica's rainy season this year, a group of biologists will embark on a mission to rediscover one of Costa Rica’s most beloved animals, the extinct golden toad.

Lost Decade for Frogs: 30 Species Extinct in Panama

A fungal disease has wiped out at least 30 species of amphibians in central Panama, according to a study published Tuesday in the Proceedings...

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