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Envision Festival 2014

34 photos from the 2015 Envision Festival

More than 5,000 people descended on the Southern Pacific village of Uvita last week for the annual Envision Festival.

Retransformed: A sophomore experience at the Envision Festival

The sun was rising over the jungles of Costa Rica's southern Pacific, bathing decorated bodies in sunlight, mine included.

Overheard at Envision 2014

Thousands of worldly travelers seeking transformation descended on the tiny Pacific coast town of Uvita, Costa Rica, last week to attend the fourth annual Envision Festival. They spent four days listening to live, pulsating music, dancing with abandon and making creative connections in a lush jungle setting on the shore. In keeping with tradition, we present you with some of the things we overheard at Envision:

Envision Festival begins

Envision Festival 2014 has kicked off at Rancho La Merced, in Uvita, Costa Rica. The venue is new this year, with more shade as well as closer and easier access to the beach.

Lineup announced for Envision 2014

Costa Rica's transformational festival will take place at a new location with shade, car camping and free access to the beach.

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