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Costa Rica launches first electric bus route in San José

Over the last six years, Costa Rica has generated at least 98% of its electricity through renewable means.

Electric vehicle adoption rate in Costa Rica remains low

Costa Rica this year added 727 new electric vehicles for a total of 3,106 registered in the country.

Costa Rica launches plan to adopt electric buses

She said that buses, which will begin to circulate at the end of this year, will provide information on the behavior of electric transport in the geographical and climatic conditions of the country.

Costa Rica says it’s the first country in the region with nationwide electric vehicle charging grid

When the National Decarbonization Plan was inaugurated last year, modernizing the country's transportation infrastructure was listed as a pillar of the initiative. 

Throwback Thursday: Electric car

The Costa Rican government announced its plan to fully decarbonize the economy by 2050 this Sunday.  A big part of their plan involves electrifying the public and private transport system. While electric cars still feel new, they've been around for some time. Here's a photo of an electric car in Costa Rica back in June 1996. 

Harley’s electric hog targets selfie-taking green hipsters

Harley, the manufacturer of road hogs famous for roaring throttles, said in June it's considering selling a relatively quiet, electric motorcycle. It's now showcasing the bikes on a 30-city tour to seek feedback and drum up interest among people like Tyler Dean, who cares about the environment and can spread the word about his likes on social media like Twitter and Instagram.

Let the gas prices climb, but give us electric cars

If the price of gas goes down, none of us will do anything to change.

Meet CambYoCar: the first car to be designed and built in Costa Rica

With a hybrid and electric model, CambYoCar could help ease Costa Rica's emissions problems. “Our goal here is to change the world,” says inventor Jesse Blenn.

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