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How one drug and alcohol rehab center in Costa Rica has responded to the coronavirus

The Costa Rica Treatment Center is welcoming clients for its affordable rehab programs and has worked to ensure the safety of all its clients.

What to consider with international drug and alcohol rehab

The physical aspect of traveling to a new place complements the metaphorical journey an addict takes toward sobriety

A treatment center in Costa Rica helps break common myths and misconceptions about addiction recovery

Overcoming addiction and achieving sobriety is a challenging process.

Costa Rica Treatment Center tackles addiction differently

“The biggest thing is knowing a service like ours is available and is helping to combat the epidemic of substance abuse and mental-health disorders. We are here to make a difference.”

Tom Petty was a heroin addict in the ’90s. Here’s why he’s finally talking about it

Warren Zanes' new biography of Tom Petty is a penetrating profile in which the rock star tells about his heroin addiction for the first time.

In heroin fight, White House tries to break down walls between public health, police

As heroin overdoses and deaths soar in many parts of the United States, the White House plans to announce on Monday an initiative that will for the first time pair public health and law enforcement in an effort to shift the emphasis from punishment to the treatment of addicts.

This video by a Columbia University neuroscientist​ might be the best case against the drug war ever made

In an experiment, neuroscientist and professor Carl Hart found that, contrary to the notion of the craven drug fiend who will do literally anything for one more hit, half of cocaine and meth users opted to receive $5 instead of a hit of their drug of choice.

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