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Doing Business

Costa Rica drops two spots in global competitiveness ranking

The World Economic Forum ranked Costa Rica fourth in Latin America and second in Central America behind Panama.

A fixer upper in tax rules for business might not be the best solution yet

The proposed change to the law does improve on giving new and small businesses a break, but the magnitude of the difference in the fees in regards to income is still disproportionate, and it effectively diminishes tax revenue by leaving big companies with the initial amount.

Should entrepreneurs work for free?

The dedicated entrepreneur, working for free: noble and visionary, or in for a rough landing ahead? "Doing Business" columnist Randall Trejos offers some guidelines for deciding how and when to forgo a salary.

Uber vs. taxis, round 2: Technology, business models and incentives for service

Our "Doing Business" column takes another look at Uber in Costa Rica, and what the controversy shows us about the key to changing old habits.

San José tops rankings of most competitive cities in Latin America

Costa Rica's capital leads the region in four of the 12 categories of “The World's Most Competitive Cities 2015” ranking that analyzes the most attractive cities for investment worldwide.

Doing Business: How countries game the World Bank’s rankings

For some governments, improving their country's standing in the World Bank's Doing Business survey has become a national priority. Yet the results of such efforts sometimes are deceptive.

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